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Medical Center Videos

Piscotti Productions LTD has extensive experience inside the medical setting.

We have performed all types of video solutions for medical centers, from employee training videos to presentation videos to public relations videos and more. Our familiarity with producing videos under HIPAA regulations makes Piscotti Productions LTD the perfect choice for your medical center.

Piscotti Productions LTD can handle all your in-house video production services, as well as television commercials and more. By contracting in-house production services through Piscotti Productions LTD, your medical center can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

There is no expensive equipment to purchase, maintain and upgrade. There is no expense usually associated with employees -- such as benefits, sick days, days off and training. And for about the cost of one full-time employee, you have the full assets of equipment and production crew of the area's best full-time video production company.



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Sim Lab


Southern Ohio Medical Center "Community Benefits"

A short demo piece highlighting the positive impact Southern Ohio Medical Center has on the surrounding community.